WCIAR speaker series: listen to our doctors


The next Workers’ Comp Is A Right speakers series event will address one of our core demands: Listen to injured workers’ doctors. November 5th 2020 is the the five year anniversary of the Ontario Network of Injured Workers’ Groups and the Ontario Federation of Labour’s groundbreaking report Prescription Overruled report on how Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board systematically ignores the advice of medical professionals.

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COVID-19 and recent news relating to some of Ontario’s occupational disease clusters has reminded us of how important it is that the WSIB:

  • Listen to OUR DOCTORS
  • Listen to SCIENCE

We are hosting an online conversation (on Zoom and Facebook) to recap, rejuvenate, and further these important demands. The event will feature:

  • Injured worker stories.
  • Discussion with some of the authors of “Prescription Overruled” and Bad Medicine” reports.
  • Summary of recent legal battles relating to the issue.
  • Listen to science: Occupational disease and the WSIB (with Janice Martell of the McIntyre Powder Project).
  • Parallels in the Auto Insurance industry (with FAIR – the Association of Victims For Auto Insurance Reform).
  • A participatory strategy session on how to move forward.