WCIAR – injured workers’ December rally


Injured workers' December 12 rally at 11 a.m. outside Ministry of Labour
This holiday season, make life more affordable in Ontario! As people from all sides of the political spectrum agree, there is an affordability crisis in Ontario, and this holiday season nearly everyone is experiencing the crunch. Injured and ill workers – along with many of our marginalized allies – have spent years feeling a disproportionate amount of the pressure from austerity, cuts to services, and of inflation, making this a particularly difficult time of year for us.

Starting on Monday December 12th, the Workers’ Comp Is A Right Campaign will be holding a week of action to deliver our demands to make Ontario more affordable to MPPs all over the province. We will be asking for all of you to add your voice – and your own affordability demands – to the message that we will be delivering.

Monday December 12th Toronto – 11am: Join us at the Ministry of Labour, 400 University Ave as we deliver the affordability-demand messages we have collected, and tell the Minister and Premier loud and clear: #WorkersCompIsARight! Life in Ontario must be more affordable for injured and ill workers, and all of our marginalized allies.

Monday December 12th Thunder Bay – 3 pm: Join us outside MPP Kevin Holland’s office, 774 N. James St Thunder Bay Injured workers December 12 rally at 744 N James St, 3 pm

The Ontario Network of Injured Workers’ Groups (ONIWG) wants to take this opportunity to remind the Government of Ontario of some of the basic steps they could take to ease the awful poverty experienced by those who have been hurt on the job. The easiest thing the government could do is simply honour its election promise of raising Loss of Earnings benefits to 90% of pre-injury wages, as a first step. Additionally, the government must remember and act on the core demands of ONIWG’s Workers’ Comp Is A Right campaign:

  • End deeming
  • Listen to our doctors
  • Stop cutting benefits based on asymptomatic pre-existing conditions

If you support the demands we’re making, please download our demand letter, sign your name and (if you want to) add your own demands, then send it back to us at workerscompisaright@gmail.com.