RSI Awareness Day conference (Toronto)

| USW - United Steelworkers Hall

This year the Conference is going to follow up on the WSIB benefit policies, hear about aging and work injuries, and explore the prevailing idea that “musculoskeletal injuries are declining.” Do decreasing stats prove that MSDs are declining? Let’s talk about the decline of the “system burden” and discuss whether the decline is caused by fewer injuries or the new WSIB policies that blame injuries on age and pre-existing conditions to deny treatment to injured workers. [download flyer]

The conference is free, including lunch, but pre-registration is required so we can plan for food. Please pre-register by emailing or To be notified of updates on this or future events, please join our mailing list at: The conference relies on donations provide a free conference available to all who wish to attend. If your union or group is able to help with a donation to cover the cost of food, please email
**This is a scent-free event – please do not wear scented products. Thank you.