Remembering farmworkers killed by COVID-19


International Ag Worker Health and Safety: Time to Mourn, Reflect and Protect: Marking Canada’s National Day of Mourning for Injured & Killed Workers reflecting on lives lost, health impacted & strategies learned to fight COVID-19 and other workplace hazards.

OHCOW Migrant Farm Worker Program team has organized a 90-minute workshop to mark the 35th Day of Mourning for workers killed and injured on the job through the lens of international agricultural worker occupational health and safety in the time of the pandemic.  Free; please register on Eventbrite
Agenda includes:

  • Day of Mourning: a little history, Dorothy Wigmore, OHCOW
  • Remembering farmworkers killed and harmed by COVID-19, Dr. Janet McLaughlin, Wilfrid Laurier University, and Migrant Worker Health Expert Working Group
  • Deputy Chief Coroner’s Review: COVID-19 Related Deaths of Temporary Foreign Agricultural Workers in 2020, Dr. Leah Vosko, Professor at York University and Canada Research Chair in Political Economy of Gender and Work
  • Health and safety in the time of COVID-19 — What does it mean for international agricultural workers? Dorothy Wigmore, OHCOW
  • Discussion on information, tools and approaches to help support workers and workplaces in 2021