ONIWG Reconnect


COVID-19 has forced us to change the ways we do things and the length of it has brought new norms. It is time to reconnect with each other and the Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups (ONIWG) wants to find out how everyone is doing.

* Tuesday  March 1st from 7:00 to 9:00 –  email oniwgexec@gmail.com to get your link to join the meetingONIWG brochure on Reconnect meeting March 1 7-9 pm 2022

We are inviting you to  share this brochure with members of your groups and others who you know are friends and / or allies of workers who have been injured or made sick in the workplace. ONIWG wants to know how we can make a difference for injured workers groups; what kinds of resources do you need? We look forward to this first meeting.

  • How are you doing?
    What challenges are you facing wit your group? How can ONIWG help you to strengthen / build your group?
  • Things to think about:
    Election June 2nd – questions you think are important to ask your MPP; Ideas you’d like to bring forward; HOw to connect / build with other groups / group support
  • Would an ONIWG website help you connect better?
    Group platform ; Sign-in area to a secure section for board information and other; A place to raise your concerns or just to send a quick note