Justice for Migrant Workers action – support Ralston Maise


Ontario farmworker Ralston Maise injured his knee in June 2017 while picking berries,yet the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board has refused to recognize his accident. When migrant workers become sick or injured on the job, they know they could be sent home before accessing the full medical care to which they’re entitled. Consequently, they often downplay workplace injuries. Similarly, co-workers who are called upon as witnesses often fear speaking out against their bosses – yet the WSIB interviewed Ralston’s co-workers with the employer in the room.

If the WSIB had accounted for these realities, Ralston’s life would be much better: he could have recovered and made a decent life for himself and his family. Instead, Ralston is now dependent on the generosity of others for housing, has trouble putting food on the table, and cannot get medical care for his injury.

Please continue the December 10 action and please take a minute to tell Tom Teahen c/o Steve Jackson that Ralston Maise deserves fairness from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).
Call him at (416) 344-4320 and/or email him at steve_jackson@wsib.on.ca.

See more info and a template for calling or emailing at https://harvestingfreedom.org/2018/12/10/take-action-in-solidarity-with-ralston-maise/.