IWC Know your rights workshop – RTW & retraining


This workshop by Injured Workers Community Legal Clinic will focus on WSIB return-to-work services and retraining, and the different benefits available for workers as they go back to the workforce. We will hear from experts and advocates about policies, timelines, and procedures on return-to-work claims and retraining programs.

The workshop will be delivered in-person and virtually. If you plan to attend in-person or virtually, registration is required. You can register by clicking HERE or using this link:

In person details:

We are located at 815 Danforth Ave suite 411, Toronto. We will be encouraging participants to wear a mask throughout the workshop.

The event will provide general information on how the WSIB works, and include a Q&A session. Due to time constraints and privacy concerns, we will not be able to discuss specific cases, but we will provide details on how you can receive one-on-one advice about your case if you need it.

We hope to see you in person or online.

Note: Our next workshop – about deeming – will be on Wednesday April 19th at 11am. Put it in your calendar and keep your eyes on your email for topic and registration details.