Injured workers day of action – Windsor

| Local 195

On Monday, December 11 all injured workers across Ontario will be involved in the Injured Workers’ Day of Action.

Windsor Injured Workers invites everyone to Local 195 (3400 Somme Ave.) at 6pm. Windsor Day of Action Dec. 11

We will have a town hall meeting for injured workers to share their experiences and demand better for all of us.

The Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups has been working on specific changes that we need to see in workers’ compensation law. We need your input to make sure that this time no one is left behind. Let’s all come together and listen to different experiences and brainstorm on what a new law that supports injured workers will look like.

There will also be time for some socializing and light refreshments. For many injured workers the holiday season can be isolating and stressful. You are not alone! There are many others just like you who have suffered through no fault of your own. Injured worker support groups have been helping injured workers cope and have been speaking out on behalf of us all. Let your voice be heard. Meet others who will understand you. Give and receive support and encouragement. Take practical steps to end the current abusive system of compensation.
Compensation is a Right! Let us come together to help each other, and make that right a reality.