Injured & United meeting – common problems in getting workers’ comp


At this Thursday’s meeting of the North American group Injured and United/Lesionados y Unidos, a special program will focus on Common problems workers encounter when trying to get workers compensation and how medical and legal people can help workers
Injured and United meeting Nov 10
Speakers include:

  • Dr. Michael B. Lax is Medical Director of the Occupational Health Clinical Center and Professor at Upstate Medical University. He is recognized for his effective patient advocacy and his unique contributions to the field of occupational safety and health.
  • Christopher Stringham is a member of the New York State Bar Association, Onondaga County Bar Association, and the Injured Workers’ Bar Association of New York.

“This session will start building a shared understanding of the big picture from what we are seeing on the ground: the problem, the policies, and the structures, as well as reviewing a campaign proposal [Workers Injured At Work Justice Campaign]”

Thursday, November 10 from 8-9:30pm Eastern Time. Join the meeting at