IAVGO/Justicia migrant worker case celebration


IAVGO and Justicia for Migrant Workers warmly invite you to join us the evening of Thursday, November 30th, 2023 to celebrate the community’s recent victory in the fight for injured and migrant workers’ rights.

Last month, the Tribunal said that WSIB must provide retaining and/or compensation to injured migrants based on the realities they face in their home countries. The decision was critical for migrant workers in their long fight for justice and helps safeguard the right to compensation for all injured workers. It’s time to celebrate!

Festivities will take place: Thursday, November 30, 2023 at College Street United Church, 454 College Street, Toronto.
We will have refreshments, including wine and cheese, starting at 5pm and dinner at 6pm for those attending in person.
People are also welcome to attend electronically over zoom, which will go live at 6:15 pm

Please RSVP by November 20, 2023 through this link if you are attending in person. You can RSVP anytime if attending electronically to get the zoom details.

*Special thanks to Injured Workers Community Legal Clinic for their support with this event!