Good enough to work, good enough to stay: migrant workers in Toronto & Canada

| USW - United Steelworkers Hall

While characterized as “temporary” foreign workers, migrant workers have been a permanent part of Canadian workforces and communities for decades. The Caribbean Domestic Scheme began in 1955, the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program in 1966, and the last two decades have witnessed a massive growth in the number of TFWs working in all kinds of industries across the country. While migrant workers have long faced structural oppression, they have launched many efforts to organize for a more just system of labour and immigration.

Join the panel discussion held by the Toronto Workers’ History Project at the USW HAll, 25 Cecil St, at 7 p.m.

Michele A. Johnson (York University)
Petronila Cleto (GABRIELA Ontario)
Gabriel Allahdua (Justicia for Migrant Workers)
Edward Dunsworth (University of Toronto)