Getting to work with a physical disability


Dr Dana Howse will present findings from her research on Getting to work with a physical disability and the policies and people that make a difference. Her research examined the ways in which work disability policy frameworks and programs support or impede Canadians with physical disabilities to engage in work-related travel, or ‘work mobility.’  Dana will discuss findings including the ways in which workers’ compensation policy can overlook work- and injury-related travel needs of disabled workers, and the significant role of family, and the system’s reliance on it, to support persons with physical disabilities to accomplish work mobility.

For this work, Dana conducted a scoping review of the work disability policy and mobility literature, analyzed policy frameworks and case law in NL and ON related to workers’ compensation and human rights, and interviewed key informants and persons with physical disabilities who have experience and knowledge of how work disability policies and programs operate in practice to enable or hinder work mobility.

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