Bancroft Institute: Are injured workers receiving the health care they need?

| Friends House

Wednesday April 25 (evening) and Thursday April 26 (full day), 2018 the Bancroft Institute will host its 2018 symposium on workers’ compensation and the health care issues facing Ontario’s injured workers. The event will be held in Toronto at Friends House (60 Lowther St). [Download flyer for full details and program]

Register now at Eventbrite- $125 for the waged; $55 for students, and free for the unwaged.

Wednesday April 25th – 6pm to 8pm
KEYNOTE: Antony Singleton and Maryth Yachnin – Authors of Bad Medicine – A report on the WSIB’s transformation of its health care spending. The report’s authors will present their findings of an in depth study of the WSIB’s provision of one form of benefits: health care. Focus is given to three main categories: prescription drugs, health care strategy, and permanent impairment awards.

Thursday April 26th – 9am to 5pm
This full day will feature panel discussions on linking with health care providers, the WSIB’s new chronic mental stress policy, and adjudication of complicated health issues. As always, the event will feature presentations from a mix of researchers, legal experts, and people with lived experience. Q&A sessions and focused smaller group discussions will provide space for attendees to participate in the event.

If you have any questions about our schedule, please email