We are calling for fairness. How well do they listen?
Three recent events provide a disappointing answer:

  • The government has reappointed WSIB CEO & President I. David Marshall for 2 more years - ONIWG letter (Jan. 16, 2015) asks why? And his bonus?
  • The WSIB Board of Directors has approved revised benefits policies (effective Nov. 1, 2014) without consulting on the changes to the last draft. Stay tuned...
  • Premier Wynne's letter of mandate (Sep. 25, 2014) to the Minister of Labour asks him to consider eliminating the 72-month lock-in of loss of earnings benefits. Injured workers are very disturbed the Premier does not understand the harm this will cause.
Outside the MInistry of Labour Dec 2014

ONIWG calls on Premier Wynne to restore fairness [read their July 22, 2014 letter]

" No workers' compensation policies have ever been such an explicit attack on the rights of injured workers..." Lawyers send a strong message to the Premier - [read their March 14, 2014 letter]

IWC Submissions on WSIB Draft Benefits Policies (Apr. 30, 2014). Click here to read more responses (from ONIWG, OFL and others) on why the Board should abandon these new draft benefits policies.

The Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) is trying to radically change the workers' compensation system in Ontario, at the expense of all workers. It is attempting to push through a series of policies that, if passed, will ensure that fewer injured workers will be entitled to compensation, and those who are entitled will get far less. And costs that should be paid by employers will be downloaded onto working people by pushing more injured workers onto social assistance.

petition to Premier Wynne Ask Premier Kathleen Wynne to hold true to her poverty reduction platform by stepping in to stop these regressive policies from being implemented.

Check recommendations made in the Stdg Cttee on Govt Agencies report on the WSIB (Nov. 2013) - including reconsideration of appeals changes, funding of injured worker stakeholder groups, followup on Arthurs' report.. [read here]

Voodoo science? Surveillance of injured workers [IAVGO presentation to Bancroft workshop, April 15, 2014 - pdf]

New video from Operation Maple on Ontario's injured workers' struggles

injuredworkersonline.org is a collaborative effort of injured workers, trade unionists, community activists and advocates, and doctors. We seek better treatment for injured workers by their employers, government and workers' compensation system.

What's new? Calendar

January 19, 2015: ONIWG Press release: Injured workers denounce Marshall's bonus; Letter to Premier

January 7, 2015: After work injury 8 years ago, construction worker left homeless in the cold and relying on charity [Surviving on the cold streets ⁄ CTV News video]

December 19, 2014: IWH Plenary on understanding independent medical assessments - Jan. 13, 2015 [details]

December 18, 2014: "WSIB's austerity agenda - deporting injured migrant workers" RankandFile.ca

December 16, 2014: Thunder Bay's "New Directions Speakers' School graduates powerful voices for social justice" (NetNewsledger.com)

December 16, 2014: "Intent of WSIB skewed by CEO" [letter] (Chronicle Journal)

December 12, 2014: Upcoming - Bright Lights meeting Jan 8, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. at IWC

December 11, 2014: "Fully indexed benefits coming for injured workers in Ontario" (Toronto Star)

December 10, 2014: "WSIB savings come at a cost" (Chronicle Journal editorial)

December 9, 2014: Minister of Labour faces questions in the House about injured workers

December 9, 2014: Airing the WSIB's dirty laundry! coverage of the annual injured workers rallies (Toronto, Thunder Bay)

December 3, 2014: How the WSIB is failing Ontario's injured workers - first of 2-part series (RankandFile.ca)

December 2, 2014: Injured worker action for better health benefits - Dec. 3 MOL at 11:00 am, 400 University [press release]

November 25, 2014: Radio Labour interview with OFL president on the experience rating report [listen to audio]

November 25, 2014: Veterans seeking mental health benefits face overly complex, slow system: AG's report (Ottawa Citizen- see video)

November 24, 2014: "Workplace Safety Board still rewards dangerous employers" (Toronto Star)

November 24, 2014: OFL report "Rewarding offenders" (by Joel Schwartz, IAVGO) on rebates and experience rating released

November 23, 2014: "WSIB says no to U.S. program that inspired double amputee to walk" (Toronto Star)

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